Lynn Isaacson


I have been a visual artist since the ’60’s, and worked as a painter. My paintings and my sculptures were exhibited in galleries in New York City and were placed in corporate collections both in the United States and Canada.  Additionally, my artwork was included in the “virtual corporation“ run by Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street.


It was serendipitous  that through my experiences teaching art in the Department of Education in New York City, I was reintroduced to ceramics.  I found working with clay extremely pleasurable and much different than creating a painting.  I found myself spending more and more time making a body of work with clay as the medium.


I have been working in clay seriously for the last 20+ years.  


After moving to Pine Bush in the Hudson Valley of New York in 2007, I built a studio building and established New Prospect Pottery. The pottery built three kilns thereafter. The pottery holds group firings in the gas reduction and salt kilns. Potters from all around the tri-state area come together to glaze and fire their work. I mix and experiment with glazes and slips and make all the glazes that the pottery uses.  Glaze experimentation is an ongoing process, as there is much to learn when making glazes that are specifically  made for each different type of firing.


These glazes and slips are available for the ceramic artists who come to glaze and fire their pots here. Please feel free to contact the pottery directly for information about firings and classes. The pottery added a wood fired kiln in 2020. 

A Sampling of My Work Fired in Kilns across the Country