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Wood Fire Workshop with Justin Lambert


August 29 - September 4, 2021


Onsite at New Prospect Pottery

This one week wood firing workshop will encompass the loading/firing of the tube style anagama wood burning kiln. We will focus discussions on techniques and systems used to gain fluidity in the wood firing process. Careful loading decisions, stoking intervals, making work with wood fired intentions, and

analysis of the finished results are some of the topics we’ll discuss.


Loading is perhaps the most important part of a wood firing, yet so often work is simply "put" into the kiln v. "loaded". Firing the kiln is not about putting wood in the kiln, but how often, how much, and where each log is placed has a direct effect on how the kiln heats, and color development within the clay and glaze. I've

developed unique systems to help everyone on the team get on the same firing

schedule, and understand the results of their actions.


Focus of demonstrations will be mainly wheel thrown tableware pottery, 2ft + tall coil built large vase, 25lb thrown platter, and how to clean/prep wood fired work for sale/display.


Students must bring cone 10 bisque fired work for the firing workshop. I recommend visiting my website for more information on the clay bodies I use. I’ll supply my very popular Lambert Schlip for students to use. Students should leave the exterior of their work as raw clay, or use a slip. A Shino style glaze can be used to line the interiors of cups, vases, etc.



- August 29: Load Kiln

- August 30: Fire Kiln

- August 31: Fire Kiln

- September 1: Finish Firing

- September 2: Demo

- September 3: Demo

- September 4: Unload



$300 = 2 cu/ft of space

$600 = 5 cu/ft of space

(Closed clay box is about 1 cu/ft)


For more info, contact:

Justin Lambert

+1 720 772-0382



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