New Prospect Pottery was founded by Lynn Isaacson in 2007.  Lynn is the resident potter and owner.


The pottery holds group firings in the 40 cubic foot gas kiln built by Lynn and fellow potter and friend Deborah Rosenbloom. The pottery has a salt kiln that was built in 2015. Potters from all around the tri state area come together to glaze and fire their work. These firings are held approximately every two months throughout the year.  


I mix my own glazes and slips and experiment in developing new glazes for our pottery. These glazes are available to the potters who come to New Prospect Pottery to glaze and fire their pots.  This glaze experimentation is an ongoing process, as there is much to learn when making glazes for specific types of firings. 


The spirit of creating objects that are not only beautiful to see and hold, but have a purpose in our daily lives, gives me tremendous pleasure.  I love to share the pots I make, and collect, using them with friends and family.  It makes enjoying a meal doubly pleasurable.


Since moving to the Hudson Valley I have met several wood-fire potters in the area.  I now collaborate with these potters and fire some of my pots in these two different styles of kilns.


The wood fire kiln I fire in is a combination  Noborigama/Anagama kiln owned by kiln master Tony Moore.  The photo above was taken at his kiln during a stoking schedule.


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