The Studio

New Prospect Pottery is a fully equipped pottery studio fitted with high fire glazes, slips, glaze tools, and kilns. Potters are invited to fire as many or as few pieces as they wish -- from a single sake cup to a full kiln load (excluding wood firings). See details below.

The Kilns


New Prospect Pottery is equipped with 2 programmable electric kilns:

a 7 cubic foot L & L and a 4.7 cubic foot L & L. Used primarily for bisque firings, the kilns can be rented for low to mid-range firings such as ^6 oxidation, ^018 luster and ^04 earthenware and more.


Fee: varies based on the firing and load size.

Gas Reduction

Built in 2010 by Davin Butterfield, this gas reduction kiln has been the backbone of New Prospect Pottery. Fired every 6-8 weeks or when there's enough work to fill it and weather permitting, it holds approximately 23 cubic foot of stacking space, and the process takes 2.5 days (1 day to load, 1/2 day to fire, and 1 day to cool).


Fee: $0.07 per cubic inch.


Meet Morty. Built in 2014, this salt kiln has been what New Prospect Pottery has been known for in the region. Fired every 6-8 weeks or when there's enough work to fill it and weather permitting, it holds approximately 20 cubic foot of stacking space, and the process takes 4 days (1 day to load, 1 day to fire, and 2 days to cool).


Fee: $0.09 per cubic inch.


Meet the Donnagama. Built in September 2019, the Donnagama is a tube-style Anagama kiln. Fired 3-4 times per year, it has a 60 cubic foot chamber and can hold hundreds of pots. The firing process is communal and takes 10-11 days (2 days to load, 2-3 days to fire, 5 days to cool, 1 day to unload). 


Fee: $100 for a minimum commitment of 1 cubic foot.

Glazes & Slips

I make all of the glazes and slips that are used on the pottery fired in the studio. Test tiles show the results in reduction and salt and on light and dark clay bodies. These glazes and slips are available for the ceramic artists who come to glaze and fire their pots here.



Reduction & Salt: I am firing monthly. Next firing January 15, 2024


Wood: Donnagama 13 will take place April 1-4, 2024. See the full schedule here.


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