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Donnagama #7 Wood Firing with Emma Kaye


October 28 - 31, 2021

Onsite at New Prospect Pottery



- Oct. 28: Load and Begin Firing Kiln

- Oct. 29-31: Fire Kiln

- Nov. 6: Unload

The 7th firing of the Donnagama took place Oct. 28-31, 2021. It was a communal firing with Emma Kaye leading the process. Potters from across the region were invited to include their work and participate in the firing process.


Wood Fire Workshop with Justin Lambert


August 29 - September 4, 2021

Onsite at New Prospect Pottery



- Aug. 29: Load Kiln

- Aug. 30-Sept. 1: Fire Kiln

- Sept. 2-4: Demo

- Sept. 4: Unload

This one week wood firing workshop encompassed the loading/firing of the tube style anagama wood burning kiln. We focused discussions on techniques and systems used to gain fluidity in the wood firing process. Careful loading decisions, stoking intervals, making work with wood fired intentions, and analysis of the finished results were some of the topics discussed. Focus of demonstrations were mainly wheel thrown tableware pottery, 2ft + tall coil built large vase, 25lb thrown platter, and how to clean/prep wood fired work for sale/display.



$300 = 2 cu/ft of space

$600 = 5 cu/ft of space

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Reduction & Salt: I am firing monthly. Next firing January 15, 2024


Wood: Donnagama 13 will take place April 1-4, 2024. See the full schedule here.


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